Bonzer $1,950 Free shipping
Bonzer $1,950 Free shipping
Bonzer $1,950 Free shipping

Bonzer $1,950 Free shipping

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This amazing tool will blow your mind. You have not seen clean until you have seen the Bonzer clean. Order today get 8 lbs of Oxy enzyme soap included!

Getting better reviews than the Zipper!!!

* Weighs only 21 lbs..............Zipper weighs 30% more at 30 lbs

*Handle telescopes down to 38" for easy storage in van......Zippers is fixed at 48" long and bulky

* Traps steam in cleaning zone..........Zipper has open sides and steam escapes

* 5 forward spray jets and 2 rear jets for double cleaning action in both directions (don't need to turn around to clean up to the threshold when cleaning your way out of a room

*   No tools needed to adjust rear wheels.....Zipper requires an allen wrench

*    Brush glides available for cleaning hard surfaces....Zipper is for carpet only

* View tube is very visible......Zipper is small and hard to see

* Zippers holed glides are restrictive at 1" deep...Bonzer holes are only 3/8" deep (less restriction, better drying

8   Replacement glides are $90..........Zipper 120???

*  Only $1450......Zipper is $2195

*Comes with money back trial....